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How Do I Take Care Of My Inner Child? Part Three: Maintenance

After working diligently to reconnect with your inner child in trauma treatment and trauma therapy, you might find yourself putting them on the back burner. When we are in tremendous amounts of pain, we are in desperation and will prioritize whatever necessary to make the pain stop. Once the pain of our wounded inner child has been healed, we have the tendency to return to some of our more selfish and self-centered ways, neglecting our inner child once more.

Regularly Check In With Your Inner Child

The abusive cycle of abandonment and neglect is what your inner child is expecting and anticipating. Since you and your inner child have made amends and come to an understanding, your inner child knows that they can count on you. Don’t let too much time go by without checking in with your inner child. Take time to meditate, practice your particular way of summoning your inner child, and have a chat. Ask them how they are and what they need from you. Remind them that they are loved, appreciated, and taken care of.

Inner children have a way of making themselves hear when they aren’t regularly being cared for. Your basic, primary needs and all of their manifestations come out, whether you are ready for them or not. You’ll find yourself acting immaturely, throwing temper tantrums, projecting traumas of the past, and suffering from fear the same exact way you did as a child, among other symptoms.

Practice Inner Child Self-Care

Inner child maintenance will often take place in session with your therapist. Outside of your therapist’s office, you can practice inner child maintenance by practicing inner child self-care. Through getting to know your inner child, you’ve learned what your inner child needs and wants in order to feel safe and loved. Practice inner child self-care by giving to your inner child regularly. Buy the treats they enjoy on occasion. Do the things they always wanted to do. Speak to yourself in the soft, loving, compassionate tone you need. Treat yourself with empathy and kindness. Get dirty, have adventures, and let your creativity run wild. When appropriate, live as a child would- unscarred, uneducated, unyielding bliss.

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