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Symptoms Of Compulsive Sexual Behavioral Disorder

In the recently released eleventh edition of the International Classification of Diseases manual published by WHO, the organization designates “Compulsive Sexual Behavioral Disorder” as opposed to “sex addiction”. The organization recognizes that millions are indeed suffering from a disordered relationship to sex and sexual activity, but suggests that there is not yet enough research to evidence that sex might be a diagnosable addiction. However, the publication gives hope to those who are suffering, since “sex addiction” is often ridiculed and stigmatized by society as being illegitimate. The symptoms, on the other hand, indicate that the experience is incredibly real.


Compulsive behavioral issues often center around a repeated behavior over which an individual feels they have no control. Sexual activities are not just repeated frequently, but their frequent repetition becomes the obsession and whole focus of their life.


Once sex and sexual activity become a completely encompassing obsessive focus, everything else in an individual’s life falls behind in priority. One’s personal health and hygiene may suffer, as might their interpersonal relationships, jobs, financial security, passions, hobbies, and responsibilities.

Failed Recovery

A hallmark of a behavioral disorder is numerous attempts to correct or change one’s problematic behaviors without success. Often, someone experiencing a disorder relationship to sexual activity will try many times to stop their behaviors entirely or at least minimize the frequency of repeated sexual behaviors. Unfortunately, they rarely experience long term or sustained success.

Lack Of Consequence

Living with a compulsive behavioral disorder is not living without consequence, in reality. Realistically, every time a problematic and damaging behavior is repeated, there are consequences. The longer a disorder manifests, the worse the consequences become. Due to the obsessive focus and compulsive desire to engage in sexual behaviors, consequences are disregarded. Even when marriages, jobs, financial security, or personal sanity is on the line, the compulsions have to be satisfied.

Recovery Is Possible

Thankfully, there is a wealth of information available on how to treat compulsive sexual behavioral issues and create the structure for a successful life in recovery. If you identify with any of these symptoms or believe that you or someone you know may be struggling with a sexual behavioral disorder, help is available.

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