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The last thing that you are trying to do if you are suffering from trauma or addiction is to be the center of attention when working through your issues. Even if you are unknowingly crying out for help with the behaviors you are displaying, getting treatment, especially individualized care, is probably not something you would have guessed you needed. The truth is that getting treatment for trauma and addiction is extremely important and can free you from the bondage of self. 

Engaging in treatment at The Guest House can prove constructive for your recovery and individualized care will add a beneficial key element that will help build the foundation of your long-term sobriety. 


The Focus Is on Your Recovery

Everyone’s journey is different, which means that you need a recovery plan that concentrates on what you have been through and what you can do to combat your addiction and address your trauma. What works for one person will not necessarily be productive for another. Fortunately, you will have a choice of different therapies that will work for you and meetings to inspire you to stay on the path of recovery. 


The Focus Is on Your Therapy

With a range of therapeutic modalities to choose from, you will find that you can be comfortable with the efficacy that is created through the healing process. By dedicating time to practice what you are learning in therapy and implementing the tools that are suggested, you will find you are less focused on the triggers and cravings and more centered in the solution.  


The Focus Is on Your Support

Honing relationships may not have been your focus, but having a plan laid out just for you will help to mend the most dysfunctional relationships with your recovery. When you show your initiative to follow a recovery plan, your friends, family, and recovery peers can be the outside support you need to keep going. Therapy teaches you how valuable encouragement and edification are in your relationships to keep recovery as your focal point.  

With an individualized plan specializing in your needs, you are apt to find more success in the long-term than if the treatment program is a carbon copy used for everyone. Every addiction is different and every person’s trauma is significant to their specific story. Taking the appropriate approach to a personal and difficult situation is imperative for healing. You need to be able to open up to the possibilities that individualized care can give you to make way to thrive in your recovery. 


At The Guest House, we offer individualized plans that will prove beneficial to you. From day one to your continuum of care, accommodating your specialized needs will benefit your recovery ongoing. We strive to provide an environment of emotional intimacy, connection, and trust that will allow you to experience real forgiveness and reconciliation. We believe that sharing the darkness in a sanctuary of love and compassion is the birthplace of transformation.

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