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What Is Concierge-Style Treatment and Why Is This Beneficial for Mental Health Services?


Concierge-style treatment refers to a client finding an individualized pathway to their services and their recovery. While some individuals share the same diagnoses, they may not respond to the same exact treatment methods. In mental health treatment, individual personality and background can play a huge role in the efficacy of treatment methods.

Sometimes, cultural differences and gender roles can change what type of treatment a person responds to. Finding an individualized pathway to recovery will have a more profound impact on the person’s success in healing. Mental health disorders and trauma are personal and individualized. These disorders respond best to treatment that is also personal and individualized.

What are some factors that make things different in mental health or trauma therapy as opposed to other medical issues? Typically, physical ailments have a clearer cause and effect. For example, if you fell on ice and got an X-ray showing a fractured hip, the cause and effect are rather apparent. You fell on ice, landed on your hip, and the impact caused a fracture.

In mental health treatment, the cause and effect of trauma, or other mental health disorders can be much more difficult to discover. Trauma and mental health issues occur below the surface, sometimes accumulating from years and years of unhealthy relationships, poor coping skills, or unsafe environments.

Cultural differences and gender roles can play a part in a person’s willingness to participate in certain forms of treatment. The best approach to recovery is to explore various types of therapy to discover what you will like and what you respond to. Once you find the pathway for yourself, you are much more inclined to continue treatment.

Beginning treatment to recover from trauma, addiction, or other mental health disorders can be overwhelming at first. Some people are aware of only a few types of treatments that they have not found to be effective. Did you know that there are various forms of treatment that take non-traditional approaches to recovery? Some of these include adventure therapy, equine therapy, yoga, mindfulness, group therapy, individual therapy, and art therapy. Some newer approaches like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) use systematic approaches involving eye movements to help those suffering from trauma and other mental health issues. If you are unsure of the many newer alternative therapies available, call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800 for more information on how to cultivate a concierge-style approach to your recovery!