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Recovering from trauma and addiction can be a lifelong process. You may need to learn new coping skills to help you deal with everyday life. While in treatment, you may learn new ways of living a healthy lifestyle. When you get out of treatment, you can then put these ideas into practice in your daily life. The process of recovery lasts much longer than the initial stay in a treatment facility. You will need to view recovery as a lifelong process of committing to a purposeful life. As you continue through life, you may experience setbacks or be triggered by novel events. Life can be full of changes and surprises. You may need to apply your coping skills to different life events or learn new ones. 

You are beginning a journey that will last a lifetime. If you are suffering from trauma and a simultaneous addiction, your recovery should include more than a stay in a treatment facility. You may need to commit to aftercare following treatment, continue to work on recovery steps from addiction, build your support system, and work on achieving lifelong goals. Recovery is a trial and error process that will require you to go easy on yourself when you experience setbacks and to celebrate your successes. Continue to work on yourself and remember that recovery is about building a newer and better version of yourself. Move onward in your recovery and do not allow setbacks to keep you down. You are engaging in a lifelong process of learning to be your best self.

There is no deadline for finishing your recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process of learning to live your best life free from addictions. You may have some setbacks throughout the process. These are lifelong learning lessons that can help you find the best strategies to lead a fulfilling life! You will learn through your treatment and from your mistakes. You will learn what works best by celebrating your victories and by learning from your mistakes. Begin your lifelong journey in recovery today. You deserve the best that life has to offer. The Guest House can help those in recovery from addiction. We can help those suffering from trauma with our concierge-style treatment that empowers you to make the best choices for your life. We believe that recovery is a lifelong process and our clients can be successful when they take an individualized treatment approach. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to get started!