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indeciveness“Should I get a college degree in biology or chemistry? I kind of want Subway for lunch, but I also kind of want McDonald’s.” Being indecisive means that you have a difficult time making decisions. For most, being indecisive does not disrupt their everyday life; thinking decisions through can be very beneficial. However, for other people, being indecisive can impact them daily. 

Decisions can become stressful, where we sit and think things through many times and still cannot make a decision. This can impact our work, education, and relationships. Working with a mental health professional can help you better understand the underlying components behind your indecisiveness. While you are working with a professional, here are a few points to be mindful of if you feel you are having difficulty making decisions. 


There Are No Perfect Decisions

Perfectionism can be a large part of why some people struggle to make decisions. We worry that we are making the wrong choice, even on simple matters. Perfectionism is something that can affect many different areas of life and is something to be mindful of if you struggle with it. 


Stop Focusing on the Outcome

Not every outcome in life is favorable. It is unrealistic to think you will never fail at something, be bad at something, or make the wrong choice. Try to think of everything as a process that grows as you grow. You do not need to succeed at everything right away. You can keep trying, make changes, and continue on towards your goals and dreams. 


Fight Your Need to Please Others

Sometimes we struggle to make decisions because we want to please others. You may know what you really want but struggle to go through with that choice because it may not be what another person wants. Analyze the situation and think it through. It is important to remember that it is perfectly okay to put yourself first some of the time. 


Sometimes being indecisive can be beneficial. Indecision can help us to pause and think through all of the options we have. It can help to keep us safe, make good choices, and think about the future. Sometimes, however, being indecisive can consume our thoughts and make decisions feel impossible and overwhelming. Many times we struggle with decision-making because we are struggling with other issues such as our mental health, trauma, or addiction. Here at The Guest House, we are a group of professionals ready to help you work through any struggle you may be facing. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our different treatment options.