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For some people, making a commitment is a huge challenge. It can feel scary to fully commit to something or someone. When we commit, we face the fear of possible failure or rejection. It is unrealistic to think anyone can control the future. What many are actually fearful of is lying under the surface of that fear. Understanding what our true fear might be is the first step in working through the fear of commitment. Here are a few different ideas to help you work through your fear of commitment. 


Talk About It


If you find yourself struggling with something, many people find it helpful to simply talk about that problem. If you are struggling to commit to a relationship, talk to your support system about it. The people who know you the best may have outside perspectives, opinions, or suggestions. Sometimes we can even talk ourselves through our problems in the moment of opening up to someone. 


Practice Commitment


Practice makes perfect. Try to take small steps to feel more comfortable with commitment. If you are trying to commit to a relationship, work with your partner to establish steps towards the commitment you both want. Small steps are an excellent way to leave your comfort zone but still feel in control and less overwhelmed. 


Individual and Couples Therapy


When we struggle with something like commitment, it may be a combination of many issues all tangled together. Underlying trauma can have profound effects on our behavior and emotions. We may not even fully know what is fueling our fears. It can feel confusing and even overwhelming. Working with a mental health professional can help you to better understand what you are feeling and experiencing; this can be done alone or with your partner. Whatever you need and will benefit from is what you should do.


A fear of commitment can often significantly impact relationships. Fears can stifle growth, impact our goals, and hinder development. Rarely are our fears surface deep. If you struggle with mental health issues, addiction, or trauma, you may also find it difficult to fully understand your fears. Learning to seek out professional help is essential. Here at The Guest House, we have extensive experience helping individuals work through whatever challenges are ahead of them. Everyone is on a unique path, and we are ready to help you down yours. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.