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facing phobiasA phobia is a fear or anxiety about a specific object or situation, exposure to which consistently provokes fear or distress. The fear experienced is often out of proportion to the actual danger involved. In some cases, a phobia will result from a specific situation, such as a plane crash or a dog attack. Those situations were traumatic enough to cause a phobia relating to the events or the situation. However, some people develop phobias and cannot determine what exactly happened to cause them to develop such a phobia. Analyzing your feelings and actions may help you to better understand what you may be experiencing.

5 Broad Categories of Phobias

In a general sense, phobias can be thought about in five broad categories.

  1. Fear of animals. Many people have a phobia of spiders (arachnophobia), dogs (cynophobia), or bugs (insectophobia or entomophobia).
  1. Fear of natural environments. This phobia could include things such as heights, storms, or fires.
  1. Fears related to blood (hemophobia), injury, or injection. This category can also include the fear of the dentist (dentophobia).
  1. Situational fears. This may include fear of flying (aerophobia) or fear of public speaking (glossophobia).
  1. Other. The other category can include things such as choking or even vomiting.

Understanding Your Phobia

Understanding your phobia can be an essential part of working through it. When we know where our fears are coming from, it may help us understand our triggers better. For some of us, our phobias can significantly impact our lives and our mental health. Learning to work through our phobias with a mental health professional can be empowering and life-changing. For many individuals, phobias manifest in childhood or adolescence; however, everyone is unique and may face different fears and phobias throughout life.

Many people experience many fears throughout life. These fears are meant to keep us safe from danger. However, sometimes specific fears can be so extreme that they are overwhelming and interfere with a person’s life and well-being. These fears can develop into phobias that can be unreasonable and debilitating. In these cases, working with a mental health professional can help you understand the root cause of the phobia, what can trigger these fears, and how to manage it in a healthy way and improve one’s quality of life. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to work through any struggles you may be facing. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you at (855) 483-7800.