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When we experience relationship conflict, it can impact many different areas of our life. That conflict can also stem from deeper issues, especially if those issues are not acknowledged and worked through. Mental health struggles have a way of impacting every area of a person’s life. If you find yourself struggling, know that you are not alone. Here are a few suggestions to help you to work through relationship conflict


Really Listen


When faced with conflict, it can be a natural response to not listen to the other person. You may only hear your own views and perspective much more clearly when you are angry. Try to pause and really listen. Listen to what the other person is talking about, notice their stance, and try to understand why they feel like they feel. Attempt to look below the surface to better understand where the conflict is coming from and why it is occurring. 


Be Open About Your Feelings


Try to simply state how you feel. What are you experiencing? What would need to change so that your feelings could change as well? When you talk about your feelings, you can release your emotions and learn better coping skills.


Be Direct With Your Needs


Try not to assume that others know how you are feeling. Many times we think that others know how we feel when in reality, they do not. Conflict often arises when people do not state their needs and wants because they assume others know. 


Avoid Words Such As “Always”


Words such as “always” tend to create conflict. Simply because something always occurs for you does not mean that is the reality for someone else. Try to listen and be open to other views. Use statements such as, “I feel this way when you do that.” Phrases that emphasize your feelings can help you express your views and can minimize conflict. 


Conflict is complicated for everyone. If you struggle with addiction, mental health, or trauma, having solid and supportive relationships is very important. If you find yourself struggling with conflict, know that you are not alone. Mental health is often very complicated. It can often be challenging to understand why we are doing what we are doing and how we can work through those challenging emotions. At The Guest House, we are here to help. We take a holistic approach to help you journey towards healing and happiness. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.