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Many men and women make their penultimate decision to go to treatment on the coattails of a break up. Broken-hearted and broken-spirited, they realize it is finally time to start working on the many issues which might have contributed to their relationship’s termination. No such inspiration in the world might exist more than the stark need to mend a broken heart. Feeling pain in mind, body, and spirit, we become our most willing to take action and make change. We are willing to go to any lengths to feel better, to do better, and to handle this pain of heartbreak better, should it ever happen again in the future.

Heartbreak can feel like an illness, suddenly collapsing our capacity for living. Experiencing the many stages of loss, we go through depression, anger, acceptance, bargaining, and denial. In and out of grief, we try our best to pick up the pieces and tug them along with us as we go. Physically, we feel defeated in every way. Brain imaging studies have revealed that the brain processes emotional pain in an almost identical fashion to the way it processes physical pain. When we feel the emotional pain of heartbreak, clutching at our chest, wringing our arms around our stomachs, sobbing from every corner of our body- those physical sensations are real.

“Broken heart syndrome” is a term used in the medical field to describe the phenomenon of real physical effects occurring in response to emotional trauma. The New England Journal of Medicine, published a case of “Takotsubo cardiomathy” which is the technical term for a broken heart. People can experience the physical symptoms of a heart attack without having a heart attack. One case, according to Romper, in which a woman lost her beloved dog, found that her heart showed no signs of complications common to heart attack. Her symptoms were merely a manifestation of loss. It is possible to create such significant physical symptoms as to induce an actual heart problem, though this is extremely rare. In response to an extreme emotional shock, the heart enlarges and does not regulate blood flow properly, according to the article. Typical signs of a heart attack follow, which can increase feelings of panic and anxiety, which can exacerbate the symptoms.

Mending a broken heart truly means mending some broken emotions. If you are struggling to recuperate from a sudden traumatic loss or heartbreak, you are not alone in your struggles. They are not unfounded. The Guest House Ocala offers premiere residential treatment for trauma, welcoming everyone with open arms, precisely how they are. Healing the mind, the body, and the spirit, our luxury accommodations offer you the privacy and time needed for total restoration. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800