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Is My Relationship Hindering My Sobriety?

Beginning a new relationship, or continuing one, as we get sober can be a beautiful thing. As we reconnect with ourselves, it can be wonderful to build connections with others as well.

Getting in touch with our emotions and moving past baggage we held onto previously can open doors in a relationship that had not previously been there. We communicate better, we empathize more sincerely, and we can more fearlessly open up to or support our loved ones.

However, when we are disconnecting from our sobriety as we move further into a relationship, there are some things we should consider. 


Sober Relationship Red Flags

When we are in a relationship sober and able to be present in a new way, there are a few things we need to watch out for. Whether we are dating someone who is in recovery or not, we need to be sure that they respect our sobriety.

Getting sober is a substantial accomplishment and the work that we put in to stay sober is not something to be taken lightly. If our significant other does not honor that or at least try to understand, this is something that could escalate down the road.

If you find that you are spending every moment with your partner, pay attention to your attendance at meetings and work with your sponsor or sponsees. Skipping a meeting or sponsor work in favor of a date or some alone time is fine on occasion, but your sobriety should be a major priority.

A strong relationship is one that creates a balance so that you can tend to both your recovery and your loved one. Finally, you should feel like your significant other is allowing you to grow and finding their own growth as well.

As we embark on the journey of recovery, we are continuously growing and discovering ourselves. We face change, challenges, and beautiful things every day.

We are able to do this because we continue to work on ourselves and our sobriety, and the best partner will be doing the same, even if they are not in recovery. 


Why Is This Important?

After overcoming our addiction and working so hard to address our emotional baggage, we do not want to fall back into old habits. The work we have done and maintain doing is vital to staying sober.

We must be wary of anything that jeopardizes our recovery. Recovery should be our top priority, and the relationships we are able to have a result are an incredible bonus.

This does not mean that we need to end a relationship when these red flags appear. Similar to our sobriety, we may need to communicate and find steps to take to resolve any issues that might result in our recovery being damaged.

Talk with your sponsor and your friends in recovery. Their experience and suggestions may be helpful if you are uncertain of what to do next!

At The Guest House, we can help you discover the tools to reconnect with yourself and with others. We will help you build the foundation of recovery so that you can experience wonderful relationships in your life! Reach out to us for any questions about embarking on this journey, and let us lead the way! Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.