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Positive Affirmations and Body Image

Stop standing in front of the mirror and pointing out everything you think is wrong with your body. The relationship you have with your body affects your mental and physical health. The thoughts you have and the words you say aloud sink into and take hold of your self-image. However, if you aren’t comfortable with your body or dislike it, you’re not alone.

A poor body image is prevalent for most people, especially women. Social media and the entertainment industry determine what isn’t considered beautiful or handsome. The good news is both social media and the entertainment industry are beginning to include various body types and ethnicities as attractive. The increase in positive, inclusive body types can increase your self-image. But, what can you do if you need more than the inclusion of varying body types?

The Psychology of Self-Affirmation

Your body image is how you perceive your physical being. Those thoughts affect your mental well-being. If you have negative thoughts about your body, you can increase the risk of feeling depressed. Luckily, you can change how you see yourself.

Self-affirmations are positive thoughts that can change how you see yourself. In the 1980s, psychologist Claude Steele introduced the theory that self-affirmation is a part of a person’s motivation to keep their self-integrity. Using self-affirmations to replace harmful behaviors with healthy behaviors is beneficial when combined with therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Role of Self-Affirmations in Body Positivity

What would you say to someone who puts down one of your friends? Your response can include compassion and respect. Now, treat yourself like you would your friend. Self-affirmations can help you heal, repair, and like, if not love, your body. Challenge how you think about your body. A few self-affirmations you can say to yourself include:

  • “I am proud of my body:” Your body is fantastic. Every day it performs functions that keep you alive, allow you to interact with others, and help you perform activities. Look past your scars and see your body’s strengths.
  • “My value is not connected to my appearance:” Your exterior looks don’t define who you are as a person. Compassion, loyalty, or talents make up who you are.
  • “To respect me, I will make some changes:” Write out or commit to changing something you feel you need to work on.

Focusing on the parts you see in the mirror is natural. As you stand there looking at yourself, tell yourself that you’re more than what you see. Then, turn away from the mirror and look within yourself.

Self-affirmations can increase body positivity. Use positive affirmations to combat negative thoughts you have about your body. Over time, you can replace negative thoughts and improve your self-perception. The Guest House offers help if you need guidance to find your inner and outer beauty. We combine traditional and holistic therapies to aid you in discovering your value. Find compassion for yourself on our serene estate located near Ocala, Florida. Contact The Guest House today for more information at (855) 483-7800.