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Reasons Why We Turn to Our Drugs of Choice

Sometimes when we’re in the middle of our struggles with addiction, we don’t realize exactly why we’ve been using our drugs of choice in the first place, what our reasons and motivations for our drug use even are. We might not have realized yet what specific issues are causing our addictions or what the fundamental reasons are behind why we’ve developed these overpowering, debilitating illnesses. Here are some common reasons why we turn to our drugs of choice.

When we use, it is often because we are attempting to self-medicate. We have deep pain within us that we feel afraid to face, or that we don’t feel strong or powerful enough to cope with. Our sadness, our fear, our shame and our regret can all cause us to turn to drugs for solace and comfort. When we’re afraid of our painful emotions, we use drugs to numb the pain. Loneliness and disconnection, for example, are normal feelings, but as addicts we can feel them even more acutely, especially when we isolate ourselves and retreat from the world. Drugs help us ease our pain and make us forget. When we’re high and zoned out, we’re not able to think about the things that cause us the most distress and heartache. We get a momentary reprieve from our most painful thoughts and feelings. Our addictions are a form of escapism and avoidance. They are a distraction. When we don’t want to face our traumatic experiences, our losses, our lack of self-worth, we turn to our drugs of choice instead. When we use, we’re temporarily happier, calmer, more stable and confident. We feel at peace. After the high inevitably comes the crash, though, and we’re left to heal from not only our original sources of pain but all of the additional layers that have accumulated because of our addictions.

Sometimes we use because we’re trying to fill the voids of the deep lack of fulfillment we feel. When we’re not living up to our potential, when we feel as though we’re wasting our time, our energy and our precious lives, we feel disappointed in ourselves, embarrassed, ashamed and regretful. We turn to our drugs of choice to escape these feelings. We have gifts, strengths, talents and passions that we’ve been neglecting, that we’ve sacrificed to our addictions. Our lack of purpose, drive and ambition can really hurt. Feeling unmotivated and hopeless brings us a great deal of pain. We feel disheartened and lost. Our addictions are often our way of coping with just how painfully unfulfilled we feel.

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