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Recovery: Trend or Lifelong Journey?

We live in a time where trends are everywhere. You may see one color trending one year and being dropped the next. It’s all about what’s hot and how we can be a part of it. But is recovery a part of a trend, or is it something that lasts for a lifetime?

Is Substance Abuse a Trend?

When someone struggles with substance abuse, that is not a trend. It may have started because of an experiment or a trend, but it later became dependency and addiction.

We as humans don’t want to continue something that causes painful or harmful consequences; in fact, most of us want to avoid feeling pain or difficult situations. The same can be said for substance abuse. Someone can choose to experiment with a substance when it is trending among a group of friends or in society, but no one wants to develop a dependency that causes suffering for themselves or those around them. Substance abuse is not a trend; it is a progressive condition that can lead to a vicious cycle of risky situations and serious, unintended consequences.

When someone first uses a substance, they do not instantly have a substance use disorder. However, if they continue to use a substance over time, they can become dependent on the substance as it begins to change brain chemistry as well as the person’s reactions and behaviors.

Is Recovery a Trend, or Something That Lasts a Lifetime?

Is recovery a trend? People who have overcome addiction will tell you that recovery is a lifelong journey. When a person realizes that they have a problem, they may choose to enter treatment. Recovery can be said to begin in treatment, but it lasts a lifetime. The recovery process is a lifelong choice and commitment. Recovery never truly ends and is a lifetime journey that results in greater health and happiness.

While addiction may have begun as a trend, it develops into something greater, and recovering from a substance use disorder is a lifelong journey.

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, help is available. At The Guest House, we believe in treating the whole person, both body and spirit, and not just in treating the disorder. We offer treatment for a number of addictions as well as mental health issues that often occur simultaneously. We combine traditional talk therapy with holistic treatment modalities, and we customize a treatment plan for each client. We are located on a 52-acre estate in Central Florida. Contact us today; we are here for you. Call (855) 483-7800.