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When we feel overwhelmed and stressed out by our recovery work, it can help us to remind ourselves that our recovery is a profound example of personal expansion and that everything we do to work towards sobriety is helping us to develop into a stronger, healthier, more empowered person. We can feel defeated by how daunting the recovery process can be. We can lose faith in ourselves. We can wonder if we’re cut out for how demanding recovery and sobriety can be. When we choose to see our recovery as a means of personal expansion, it can reinvigorate and motivate us to keep working.

Changed by Growth

Our addictions kept us small for so long. They limited us and held us back. They stopped us from pursuing our dreams. They kept us locked in destructive patterns. They kept us trapped as the former immature, undeveloped, small-minded versions of ourselves we’ve since grown out of. Our sobriety has broadened our horizons, changed our outlook on life, and transformed our self-perception. When we get sober, we realize we can do anything. We’ve grown and expanded so much as part of our recovery that there isn’t anything we can’t do moving forward. Our recovery is perhaps the greatest reflection of our personal development, self-improvement, learning, growth, and expansion.

Rising to the Challenge

When we’re using our drugs of choice, sometimes we want to stay small, so that we don’t have to push ourselves. We don’t want to challenge ourselves. We don’t want to see what we’re capable of, in part because we’re afraid of failure, judgment, rejection, and criticism. Getting sober means we’re rising to the challenge and facing our fears. We’re proving to ourselves just how strong we are and confirming exactly what we’re capable of. We’ve made incredible changes in our lives, taken huge steps in our personal development, and committed to the profound transformation that comes with recovery. We deserve to be incredibly proud of ourselves, not only for getting sober but for expanding ourselves into the healthiest, strongest, most aligned versions of ourselves we can possibly be.  

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