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Healing from trauma is a transformative experience for the individual. People suffering from trauma may have turned to negative coping skills, like addictions, to hide from their pasts. The Guest House seeks to foster a healing sanctuary of love and compassion to help those suffering deal with their pain. We believe that by sharing our dark experiences in a safe and supportive environment, we can heal from the past and begin leading the lives that we deserve. By sharing our painful experiences, we can connect with others and shed new light on our trauma. By seeing our trauma from a fresh perspective, we can put the experience into the context of our lives. We can transform from victim to survivor to thriver!

Opening up to others about our trauma can be difficult. We may feel as though no one will understand our experiences. We may feel shame or weak due to our pain. We may not be comfortable being vulnerable. We are not alone in our pain. We can share our pain to help ourselves and others heal. We can lift ourselves out of the pits of despair and move forward in life. We can learn from our peers in recovery and they can learn from us. By supporting one another, we can make healing easier for all of us. Opening up can be difficult but will be much easier in the right place. The Guest House can provide the safety and security that we need to heal from trauma. Healing begins when we allow ourselves to deal with the pain of our past. We are not alone in our suffering and can help each other fight the darkness of our pasts to build a brighter future!


The Guest House offers concierge-style treatment for those suffering from the effects of past traumatic experiences. We believe that no one needs to suffer alone and we can all help one other heal from trauma. You deserve to live a life full of hope and optimism! You deserve a bright future! Shed light on the darkness of your past and begin to look at it through a new perspective. We are here to help you learn that new perspective. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to begin your treatment! Step out of the shadows of trauma and into the light of healing. Let The Guest House be the birthplace of your transformation!