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Admitting our faults to ourselves is one of the more difficult things to do on the journey to recovery. We learn early on how important honesty is to stay sober, stay accountable, and stay on track with all of our recovery values.

Lies can be addicting and act like a drug in the brain. One small lie can quickly web into a series of lies which become an exhausting routine to try and keep up with. Research has found that when we feel we benefit in some way from a lie, we are more likely to lie again. Telling one lie to take care of another lie and avoid the truth coming out about a different lie are all rewards which positively reinforce a negative pattern of behavior. Eventually, the lies we are telling become insurmountable and we falter under the pressure of a mountain we have built ourselves.

Everyone has secrets to some degree. Some secrets are healthier than others. If you are keeping secrets from yourself, that is, you are lying to protect yourself from a difficult truth, your secrets could make you sick. Whatever it is you feel you might be avoiding, hiding, or running from, you will have to at one point realize that the pain you anticipate in being honest will be far less than the pain you are causing yourself in lying and keeping secrets from yourself and from others.

Be true to yourself and you will find liberation.

You’re Lying More Than Usual

Secrets have to be protected at all cost. The deeper and more complex the secret you are holding onto, the greater lengths you will go to protect it. Most often, lying behaviors come out when the truth about a secret is about to come out. If you are lying more than usual, you must note that this is not usual behavior. The amount you are lying are what you are lying about don’t matter. You feel like you have to lie to maintain control, though you most likely realize that your lying has become out of control.

You Feel Like You Have To Maintain Control

When we can admit to ourselves we feel as though we have to be in control, we actually admit to ourselves another truth: we are out of control. Secrets eat us up from the inside out and cause us to act in irrational ways. Lying is a negative reward pattern which offers the illusion of control. The more lies you tell in order to protect your secrets, the more control you are losing. Losing control feels like trying to catch the loose ends of an ever-fraying thread. You can only control so much.

Recovery is ultimately in your control.

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