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Flu season has been devastating in record numbers across the country this year. While many advocate for flu vaccinations, others emphasize that a jam packed nutritional diet can help strengthen an immune system. Varying mental health issues contribute to emotional stress and distress. Trauma, for example, can cause depression and anxiety, both of which can come with high levels of distress. Trauma can also cause hypervigilance, insomnia, paranoia, hallucinations, and flashbacks, which can also contribute to stress. Stress causes inflammation in the body all the way down to a molecular level. Inflammation has been linked to a weakened immune system. Chronic stress and chronic inflammation can be hurt by a poor nutritional diet. On the other hand, a well rounded, superfood packed nutritional diet can improve the immune system, often because superfoods are proven anti-inflammatories:


The Ultimate Cold-Fighting Tea

Combining some of these ingredients together can make a powerful cold-fighting tea sure to quickly reduce inflammation. Ginger, turmeric, and honey make a delicious blend of roots and sweetness to clear up a cough, a stuffy nose, and soothe an aching body. To make:

Take off one large chunk of ginger from a full root. Turmeric root tends to be small, so one or two small pieces of Turmeric will do. Many people peel their Ginger, but it is not required. Peeling Turmeric is recommended. After peeling, cut the roots into medium size chunks.Add desired amount of water to a pot and place chunks of Ginger and Turmeric in the pot. For concentration, add a smaller amount of water. The water will boil down.Bring the pot to a boil. Check periodically for a change in color. Ginger should turn the water a golden yellow while the Turmeric starts to turn the water a vibrant orange.Reduce the pot to a simmer and let the color continue to concentrate. Once the tea smells strong enough, it is done. This tea is easy to make because it is largely based on personal preference for strength and flavor.Use a ladle or spoon to serve the tea into a mug. Add honey to desired amount, stir with a spoon, and enjoy.

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