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Taking Responsibility for Our Recovery

Sometimes throughout the course of our struggles with addiction, we have a hard time taking responsibility for ourselves, for the addictions themselves, and for our recovery. We’re afraid of the hard work it will take to heal ourselves, so we avoid taking responsibility for ourselves, or we try to shift the responsibility onto other people. We make people take the steps for us that we could be taking to help ourselves, such as researching treatment centers or finding a therapist. We tell ourselves we’re not strong enough at the moment to do the work or take on the responsibility. We tell ourselves we need other people to not only help and support us but to take on the work for us. We allow people to enable our destructive patterns. We become complacent and lazy in our work. We give up on ourselves, and sometimes we stop trying altogether.

Taking responsibility for our recovery often comes once we’ve hit rock bottom, the point at which we realize we can no longer sustain our lives as they are. We’re causing ourselves too much pain, and we’re suffering too much, to continue on this way. Sometimes this moment is the wake-up call we needed to stop being reckless with our health and nonchalant about our addictions. Sometimes in a flash we realize just how much we’ve been endangering our lives and those of the people around us. We don’t want to be a burden on the people we love. We don’t want to continue hurting people. We no longer want to put off for the future what we can start doing now, in this very moment. We often will gain newfound motivation and experience great momentum as we push ahead and move forward with our recovery goals.

We get a strong sense of satisfaction when we start taking responsibility for ourselves and our recovery. We feel fulfilled. We feel redeemed. We feel as though we’re on the right path to living our purpose and achieving sobriety. We start to believe that it’s in fact possible to not only be sober but to also be happy. We start to believe in our dreams again. The thought of taking responsibility for our recovery sounds heavy, scary, overwhelming and burdensome, but the work we put in frees us up to be happy and healthy in our lives. Our taking responsibility therefore is a part of the liberation process we have to go through in order to recover and find happiness and peace within ourselves.

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