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What Are the Spiritual Tests of Addiction and Mental Illness?

Our addictions and mental health issues are sometimes so overwhelming and debilitating that we’re not able to see the deeper meanings within them, all of the lessons we’re meant to learn and spiritual tests we’re being challenged by. We feel so confused, so paralyzed by our sadness, our fear and shame, that we’re more focused on the day-to-day, the painful patterns of our addictions, the symptoms of our depression and other mental illnesses, and the difficult life circumstances we’re having to deal with. As we start to work our recovery program, we begin to uncover the important life lessons that can help us learn more about ourselves, that can contribute to our healing and personal development, and that can help us pass these spiritual tests so that we’re no longer self-destructive and causing ourselves so much pain.

Each of our experiences with addiction is different and unique, so each of us will have unique spiritual tests and lessons to absorb. Much of the healing work we have to do has to do with our fears. Our addictions are often related to the unhealed fears and unresolved issues, wounds and traumas we’re still grappling with. What are you afraid of that you’re using your addictions to try and escape? What fears and pain are you subconsciously trying to distract yourself from and avoid? What experiences have you yet to heal from? Within all of this difficult, painful, messy, complicated, confusing stuff are our lessons and spiritual tests.

Our challenge as addicts is to stop using our addictions to avoid our pain and start confronting it directly. One of our biggest spiritual tests is learning to move through our fears and our pain rather than using our addictions to numb ourselves, to self-medicate, and to distract ourselves. Facing our fear, allowing ourselves to really feel it rather than running from it is one of our most important and most challenging spiritual tests.

What deeper meaning lies within your mental, emotional and behavioral patterns? What pain is fueling your mental illness and addiction? These are loaded questions that take time to answer. We won’t come to the conclusions, or to total healing, overnight. Recovery is a lifelong process. Meditate on your emotions and your fears. Pray on them. Journal about them. Work with a therapist or spiritual guide. Dig deeper. Go below the surface of the symptoms of your illnesses to find the causes, as the symptoms we’re dealing with are simply manifestations of our pain. Our healing lies in doing this important deeper healing work.

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