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The Costs of Smoking Weed

While many of us who regularly smoke weed don’t consider ourselves to be addicted to it, and while we often don’t self-identify as addicts, the costs of smoking weed can really add up, and they can take a toll on our health and our well-being in many of the same ways that other drugs and other addictions can. We tend to think of weed as harmless, since for many of us it doesn’t impact us in some of the negative ways that alcohol and drugs can. For example, when we smoke weed we might be calmer and more at ease, as opposed to becoming belligerent when we drink alcohol. We might be more inclined to stay home and relax when we smoke, whereas when we use cocaine we’re tempted to go out, party and over-use. We tend to euphemize our weed use, denying the fact that we have a dependence issue and that it’s costing us in various different ways.

Financial Costs

Like any other drug, weed is something most of us have to buy if we want to consume it. Most of us don’t grow it ourselves, so the cost of supplying our weed habit can grow to be overwhelming. We can find that we can’t reasonably financially support our weed habit, so we might cut corners in other areas of our lives, not paying important bills or always needing to borrow money from other people. We might shoplift or steal from loved ones in order to feed our habit, just as other kinds of addicts are often known to do. We might suffer financially because we miss too much work from being high. We might lose our jobs altogether.

Lifestyle Costs

When we’re dependent on weed or any other drug, it can drastically alter our lifestyles and infringe upon the health of our routines, living environments and relationships. We might stop committing to our routines of self-care, exercise, good nutrition, and spiritual practice. We might stop cleaning our homes or taking care of ourselves because we’re too high all the time. We might neglect our friends, partners and loved ones, causing them to feel abandoned. Sometimes we lose these important relationships and find that our weed addiction is to blame. 

Emotional Costs

The emotional costs of any drug use can be severe. With weed, some of us can find that we’re more depressed or anxious after smoking. We can experience panic attacks, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations. For others of us, we feel we need to smoke in order to maintain our emotional equilibrium. We can feel unhappier and more unsettled when we don’t smoke. Running out of weed can make us feel depressed, anxious, nervous and even angry. We can become volatile, moody and hostile when we haven’t smoked. Our dependence can take over our lives, just as any other drug use can.

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