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What is Marijuana Wax and Why is it Dangerous?

Marijuana wax is popping up in places across the United States, and not without health problems and complications. This form of marijuana is referred to as wax because it is produced in a way that is harmful, along with introducing a new form of marijuana into the market. Young people are vulnerable to the dangers of the wax but anyone can be harmed by using this product. 

What is Marijuana Wax?

Although not a new product, this produce is rising in places it was never seen before. Much of the concern has to do with its potency. One hit from the product can be smoked in an e-cigarette and keep a person feeling high for a day or longer. Potency is significant in drugs because it makes a difference in how a drug is distributed in the body and how a person responds. The main cannabinoid in wax is called THC, typically around 14 percent, but goes up to 50 percent and higher in wax. The more potent a drug is, the more dangerous it may be for the person using the drug.

Dangers and Risks

The potency is a major concern for health risks because one small hit of it can have major impact. Many don’t know the potency of what they are using so it can have detrimental effects. This may include paranoia, memory loss, impaired cognition, mood swings, or psychosis. Other dangers may relate to how it is produced. This involves soaking marijuana leaves in butane and applying heat. This is a recipe for disaster as it is a simpler procedure than meth, but also quite explosive. Producing it can cause lethal consequences.

Finding Help

Producing and using marijuana wax is dangerous and can be lethal for people who don’t realize how much THC they are using. The dangers and risks of using it are clear but because marijuana is becoming legal, people are finding more ways to use the drug that gives them a different high. People hope that by spreading the word to teens and schools, they no longer have to see their loved ones suffer from the effects of too much potent marijuana or other drugs. Finding help in recovery is crucial to people who struggle with addiction. Finding help means looking at behavior, symptoms, and signs they are using the drug and seeking rehab opportunities for them. It may mean inpatient or outpatient, along with mental health support, so they feel like they are getting what they need to heal. It is a long road but necessary for people who want to be drug-free and remain in recovery. 

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