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Consumed by Insecurity

A common symptom of emotional imbalance is when we become consumed by our inner demons, the insecurities caused by our deeply rooted fears. The voice of our fear dominates our thinking. It’s hard to think of anything else. We’re constantly obsessing about how we’re not good enough, how we’re destined to fail, or how we don’t deserve to be happy. We have a very hard time believing in ourselves. We struggle to remain optimistic. When we’ve become overpowered by our inner demons, it’s often a sign that we’re struggling with an emotional imbalance that is creating a great deal of inner turmoil for us.

Destabilized by Trauma

Many of us become energetically imbalanced when we’ve been through something traumatic but haven’t been able to process our trauma and make sense of it. We might have experienced someone mistreating or abusing us, and we internalized that trauma as being our fault, or as being evidence that we’re inadequate. We might have experienced a loss or felt abandoned, leading us to believe we were unlovable. Trauma can be so destabilizing that we become uncentered within ourselves when we don’t have the tools to heal from it. We can feel down on ourselves and self-hating as a result. We become energetically totally misaligned.

Compounded Self-Rejection

When we’ve been destabilized and feel imbalanced, many of us use our drug of choice to try and make ourselves feel better. We use to regain our balance. We use to feel a sense of normalcy in our lives. We use to escape our emotions. We get high to feel more grounded and secure within ourselves. We can actually exacerbate our feelings of insecurity when we use our drug of choice as a coping mechanism, though. We’re not healing our insecurities, we’re just suppressing them and numbing ourselves to them. We’re also adding on extra layers of pain, all the shame and self-rejection we feel for giving into our drug of choice. We feel even worse about ourselves when we use.

Shifting Our Beliefs

Our inner demons are the manifestation of our fear-based limiting beliefs, but our beliefs are simply the thoughts we’ve been practicing over and over again and convincing ourselves to be true. We can create new beliefs, and therefore create an energetic environment where our inner demons can’t survive. We can be so self-loving that our feelings of self-hate are extinguished. We can amplify the inner voice telling us we are good enough, rather than the voice of our inner demons that are telling us otherwise, bringing us down, and causing us emotional pain. “I love myself. I believe in myself. I am more than good enough. I am healing. I am destined for wonderful things.” The more love we give ourselves, the more we correct our energetic imbalances and align ourselves with the energy of healing.

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