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What Are My Inner Demons Trying to Tell Me?

Our inner demons are the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we feel cause us the most pain, that we obsess about and dwell on, that we feel haunted, consumed and tortured by. We feel unable to escape the voices of our inner demons that are constantly telling us what to do, how to think and how to feel, and which ultimately are destructive, toxic and limiting. We feel controlled by them, overpowered by them, and compulsively led by them. Our instinct is to want to silence our inner demons. They’re causing us so much distress and anguish, and we just want to be rid of them. We use our drugs of choice to try and drown them out. We try desperately to ignore them. We might try to battle them in our minds, constantly trying to defend ourselves and disprove them. The more we fight them, the more resistance we create, and the more negative energy accumulates in our bodies, making it even harder for us to find the internal stillness and quiet we need in order to heal. When we fight our inner demons, when we avoid them, when we resist them, we’re not open to hearing what they have to tell us. We’re not able to learn from them. What are our inner demons really trying to tell us?

As we practice mindfulness with things like meditation and breathing exercises, and as we use tools like journaling to help us with the process of self-reflection, we start to cultivate the inner spaciousness and stillness we need to be able to hear which thoughts are most recurring and most painful, i.e. our inner demons. Which thoughts and feelings do your inner demons represent? For many of us, our inner demons and the thoughts they’re causing us to think and the emotions they’re causing us to feel are based on our insecurities and our feelings of self-hatred. Our inner demons might constantly point out our flaws, our imperfections, and all the ways in which we think we’re inferior to other people. They might make us compare ourselves to others, compete with them, envy them and feel threatened by them. Instead of trying to defend ourselves against our inner demons and fight back, instead of trying to convince ourselves of anything defensively, and instead of trying to tell them to shut up and leave us alone, let’s take a moment to listen to what they’re telling us. In this case, they are telling us distinctly, and with painful clarity, that we need to heal our relationship with ourselves, how we view ourselves, and how we’ve allowed our insecurities to get the better of us. They’re telling us that our wounded self-image and self-perception are fueling our pain. They’re instructing us to work on healing the areas of ourselves that we feel most insecure about, the areas we’ve used as excuses to stop loving ourselves and being good to ourselves.

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