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Trauma can be an isolating experience for many different reasons. Some people feel an immense amount of shame when they think about what has happened to them. This can lead them far from the people who love them. The fear of finding themselves in danger is a motivator for the survivor to build walls around them so that they can control their safety. The more control they have, the safer they feel. Unfortunately, the walls they build around themselves keeps everyone out. The people who are trying to help the survivor are left on the other side, along with their good intentions. The Guest House wants to help you slowly bring down the walls you’ve built. We can help you find safe connections that will contribute to a healthy, long lasting recovery.

Bring Down the Walls

The walls you have built up around you have served a purpose for you. At one point, they may have been beneficial to you because you didn’t have the tools to process and cope with the trauma you faced, so you felt the need to create a barrier between you and any possible dangers. However, building walls to separate yourself from others is extremely isolating. You may have succeeded in keeping the danger away, but you also kept the healing away, too. If you want to take a step toward trauma recovery, you’re going to have to bring down the walls. You aren’t going to take a bulldozer to the walls and bring them down all at once. That would be overwhelming. The Guest House can help you go brick by brick, slowly bring down the walls you’ve formed. You’ll first be able to peer over the wall and assess the opportunities for connection. Little by little, you’ll start to use tools that will help promote healthy healing and bring you closer to a community that can help you. Bringing down the walls gives you the opportunity to take your power back. You have the control in your recovery to engage in healing connections while setting healthy boundaries that keep you safe. It’s a process, and The Guest House is here to help.

Take Your Power Back

Although it may seem like you were in control of your power when you built those skyscraping walls, you really relinquished your power. You gave your trauma the power to isolate you from the things that could’ve helped you heal. The Guest House can help you take your power back. You deserve to be in control of your recovery. In regaining your power, you’ll be able to make decisions for yourself and set the boundaries that will promote a healthy space for you to heal. Every tool that you learn will put a small piece of your power back into your possession. No longer will you feel like a slave to your trauma. You’ll be able to use your voice to stand up for yourself and what you need. 

Acknowledge That You Can’t Do This Alone

Because the walls you built have kept people out, you may feel like you have dealt with your trauma all on your own. Maybe you’re thinking about getting help because you’re realizing that you can’t do this on your own. Truly acknowledging and accepting this is the first step toward healing. Remind yourself that you are no longer alone–you have the support of The Guest House and your recovery community. Although everyone’s trauma experiences are different, there are people who have been through what you have been through. Connecting with other survivors will help you in your recovery.

Finding Healthy Connections

The Guest House includes group therapy in our treatment programs because we know the value of connection in recovery. Not only will you find that you relate to others with similar experiences, you will have the opportunity to work on regaining your ability to trust. Survivors often bottle up their experiences and push their feelings down so that they don’t have to deal with difficult emotions. Recovery is about uncovering those emotions, working through them in a safe setting, and feeling the support of your peers. The thought of allowing yourself to be vulnerable may be a scary thing to consider. The Guest House encourages group therapy because we know that group therapy is extremely beneficial for survivors of trauma that are seeking to heal. We can help you build up the courage you need to open up with your peers. You’ll find that they will treat you with the respect and compassion that you deserve. 

Walking the recovery journey with someone in a similar situation can be life changing. Learning how to build healthy relationships while you are in treatment is crucial so that you can bring the tools you’ve learned in treatment home with you. While at The Guest House, you’ll also be able to connect with other survivors in more relaxed settings such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, adventure therapy, and more. You’ll have success cultivating healthy relationships and setting boundaries in the controlled setting of The Guest House. This will help you in your relationships when you return home.


The Guest House is here to help you bring down the walls you’ve built after experiencing trauma. We can help reintroduce connection into your life so that you can learn to process and heal alongside other people who share your goals. If you’re thinking about recovery, look no further than The Guest House. Call our trained staff today at (855) 483-7800. We can’t wait to hear from you!