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The Importance of Self-Regulating

As we’re working to help ourselves recover, there are countless healing approaches we can try to boost our recovery work and give ourselves an even better chance of succeeding. One of these approaches is the concept of self-regulating, where we monitor and assess our behaviors and choices in order to help ourselves stay sober. To do this, we want to learn to also monitor our thoughts and feelings. We learn in recovery that everything inside of us is interconnected – how we think and feel impacts what we do, the choices we make, the relationships we’re in, how we live our lives. When we don’t self-regulate, we often fall into patterns that are harmful to us, and very often we do so unconsciously because we haven’t yet learned how to be aware of our inner world.

Learning Mindfulness

Inherent in the self-regulating process is the practice of mindfulness. We’re becoming more aware of how we think, what emotions we give energy to, what behaviors we’re choosing, and what decisions we’re making, all of which are impacting our lives every single day. Everything we do, think and feel has a cumulative effect on our overall well-being. When we continue to have certain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and when they become ingrained in our consciousness, we develop patterns – thought patterns, emotional responses, and behavioral patterns, many of which tend to be self-destructive for those of us living with addiction and mental illness. When we self-regulate, we apply mindfulness to every aspect of our lives, intending to make our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as beneficial to our health and well-being as possible.

Developing Self-Awareness

The process of self-regulation asks us to practice being more consciously aware of our internal environment. How we think and feel are indicators of the health of our energy. Are we self-loving or self-deprecating? Are we self-supporting or self-sabotaging? We want to pay close attention to which thoughts we’re having – both the thoughts we’re actively choosing and the ones we’re defaulting to, the limiting beliefs we’re developing, the toxic thought patterns we’re practicing day in and day out. We want to honor our emotions by paying more attention to them as we feel them, not just giving in to every emotional impulse we have, especially since many of our instincts are self-destructive and don’t serve us. Are we processing our emotions in the healthiest ways possible for us? Are we holding onto emotional and energetic limitations that are holding us back? Are we giving in to patterns that cause us more inner turmoil? Self-regulating invites us to ask ourselves these questions and become more self-aware. Forging a stronger connection with our inner selves is one of the best things we can do for ourselves as we’re working to heal.

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