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The Process of Self-Regulating

The recovery process asks us to change so many things about ourselves, and the work we do can be overwhelming, to say the least. One thing that can be challenging at first, but which becomes easier over time, is the idea of learning how to regulate ourselves to help ourselves stay sober. Self-regulating is learning to be more mindful, more self-aware, more vigilant within ourselves, in order to monitor our progress in recovery and keep ourselves on track with our goals for sobriety. When we self-regulate, we give more focus to our inner selves, and we learn to redirect ourselves when we’re not acting in our own best interest. We learn to course correct when we see that the direction we’re heading in doesn’t serve our highest good. We practice choosing and directing our thoughts in ways that are conducive to our sobriety, which then bring about emotional shifts and behavioral changes.

Intentional Thinking

Choosing our thoughts might seem hard to do, and it can be difficult at first, but like most things we’re trying out for the first time, it gets easier with time and practice. Start paying more attention to your thoughts. Very often we’re letting our minds wander without noticing what we’re thinking about. We want to observe our thoughts more carefully. We want to see which thoughts we’re having most often, which ones we’re thinking on a regular basis that are forming thought patterns and limiting beliefs, and which ones we get stuck on that we obsess and ruminate about. The more conscious we are of which thoughts we’re having, the more we can decide which ones are healthy for us and which ones we want to replace with healthier thoughts. We can intentionally activate certain thoughts, by repeating positive affirmations, focusing on the things we want to manifest, and implementing a new inner voice that is self-loving rather than self-critical.

Strengthening Our Resilience

The more we choose our thoughts, the more we get to choose how we feel, and when we’re feeling strong and at peace within ourselves, we’re far more likely to be able to choose behaviors that serve us in our recovery, and we’re much more likely to be able to feel in control of ourselves and withstand the addictive urges that can lead to relapse. When we’re practicing feeling strong, empowered, resilient and in control, we’re developing our self-confidence and our willpower, and we’re becoming stronger within ourselves and in our recovery.

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