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Trauma is a combination of both emotion and stress, which leads to an unresolved cluster of different symptoms. Overeating and binge drinking are common coping mechanisms for dealing with unresolved trauma as both acts can provide a false sense of comfort, safety, security, escape, and pleasure. Unfortunately, as is the case with all compulsive behaviors, these acts do not make the problem go away. After overeating or a binge drinking episode, the trauma still lives, unresolved. Overeating and binge drinking cannot change the past or dictate the future. Though these behaviors may feel as though they are curing and taking care of the present, they are actually taking away from the present.

Binge drinking and overeating detach you from being fully present as you are in an altered state of mind. Alcohol, being a mind altering substance, impairs the brain’s ability to function normally and causes intoxication. A growing body of research indicates a strong relationship between the mind and the gut. Mood, thought, and even cognitive function might be dictated by the state of the microbiome, which is altered by what you eat. Both food and alcohol cause a disruption in being present. Most often, that is what  is most sought after. When removed from the present moment, getting lost in the sensations and effects of overeating or binge drinking feels like a removal from stress, emotion, depression, anxiety, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and other symptoms of trauma.


Stress is a hormonal experience, a life experience, and a human experience. Stress comes from everywhere- from driving, from work, from relationships, from finances, from food, and sometimes just from waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Stress eating and stress drinking don’t relieve stress. By inundating the body with more than it can handle, stress is made worse.


Emotional eating and emotional drinking is a common reason why eating and drinking alcohol gets out of control. Instead of articulating and coping with emotions, people turn to behaviors which eradicate the emotional experience, at least temporarily. Consuming alcohol and large quantities of food to cope with emotions is glamorized in the media and commonly portrayed. However human, the behaviors are unfortunately ineffective and cause more problems than solution.

You can learn how to process, cope with, and heal from your trauma. Trauma does not have to define and control your life. The Guest House Ocala is a private residential treatment program for trauma, addictions, and related issues. We believe that the heart can be healed.

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