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“This Is Me” Is The Trauma Anthem You Need

In this final part of a three part series on the Grammy Award winning song “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman, we look at the final lines of the song’s chorus and how they speak to the forward moving journey of trauma recovery.

Look out cause here I come

And I’m marching on to the beat I drum

I’m not scared to be seen

I make no apologies

This is me

“Look out ‘cause here I come”

The moment we decide to choose trauma recovery and seek treatment for trauma healing we are telling the world, “Look out, ‘cause here I come”. We are choosing healing instead of choosing to remain sick with the unresolved, unhealed effects and secrets of our trauma experiences. What’s in store for us through the process of trauma recovery is something beyond our wildest dreams. We cannot possibly know what waits for us on the other side of the hard work asked of us to drastically change our lives. Those who have come before us know and that small mustard seed of faith telling us we can do this knows, too. Setting forth on the path of trauma recovery is setting forth on a journey of great transformational change on which we will emerge the true, authentic, empowered version of ourselves we were always meant to be.

“And I’m marching on to the beat I drum”

Finding freedom from trauma is like being liberated from imprisonment or a decades long kidnapping. We often don’t realize the extent to which our lives have been highjacked by trauma. Our responses, behaviors, actions, and more, have all been dictated by trauma. Recovery lets us decide who we want to be, how we want to act, and how we want to live our lives. We no longer live in spite of trauma or despite trauma. We live in union with our experiences and take back control of how we let those experiences affect us.

“I’m not scared to be seen”

Recovery is more than a recovery process. Trauma recovery is a renewal and often times feels like a rebirth. Until we start to get a feel for living again, we don’t realize how much living we haven’t been doing, how much like the living dead we have been feeling. All of the parts of ourselves our trauma forced us to hide away can be brought into the light. We aren’t afraid to be seen for who we are, what we’ve been through, or how it has affected us.

“I make no apologies”

Likewise, we discontinue apologizing for our trauma, the way we handled it, and the way we did our best to survive. Of course, there may be areas of our lives where apologies, or more appropriately, amends, might be due because some of our behaviors and responses to trauma have caused hurt and possibly more trauma to others. However, there is another kind of apology we no longer make, which is for being alive, having survived, and living in recovery.

“This is me”

This is who we are. We are warriors, as the song proudly proclaims, and we are glorious, as the song valiantly validates for us. We are victims. We are survivors. We are hard workers, truth seekers, spiritual practitioners, and loving individuals who have overcome some of the worst life has to offer only to turn it into some of the best life can give us. This is you. If this doesn’t feel like you now, this can be you. Let The Guest House Ocala guide you there.

Everyone’s story starts before treatment. Everyone’s story changes the minute they arrive to treatment. The Guest House Ocala offers residential programming for trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues, customized to meet your unique needs. Call us today for information on life at the estate: 1-855-483-7800