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Transforming Our Thought Patterns

Unconscious Thinking

When we aren’t conscious of how we’re thinking, many of us tend to allow our thoughts to control and overpower us. We’re not being mindful or vigilant about the health of our thought patterns, and we’re defaulting to the self-destructive, self-hating beliefs stored in our subconscious minds. Very often the health of our thoughts is not something we pay much attention to. We’re not assessing whether our thoughts are helpful to us or harmful. We don’t realize that our thought patterns often form the foundation of our patterns of addiction and mental illness. For example, when we allow ourselves to think repeatedly that we are undeserving of happiness, we form the limiting belief that we are in fact unworthy of happiness, and this can absolutely contribute to how depressed, insecure and self-hating we feel. We can then find ourselves turning to addictive substances and behaviors to self-medicate our pain and soothe our harsh, unkind inner voice.

Energetic Shifts

Once we’re paying more attention to how we think, we can work to transform our thought patterns in order to be self-loving, self-nurturing and self-protective. This energetic shift makes us better prepared for the challenges of sobriety. It makes us stronger, more confident and competent in our recovery, and more committed to our sobriety. It empowers us to know that we can get through any challenge in recovery, including any addictive urges and compulsions that might trigger us to relapse.

New Thought Patterns

Because we’re now assessing the health of our thoughts by becoming more mindful of them, we can also actively implement new and healthier thought patterns to replace the self-harming ones. We can repeat affirmations, work with a therapist, and practice energy healing such as tapping. We can use journaling, art, and creative self-expression. We can learn to really listen to ourselves, embrace our voice and honor the gifts we have to share. One of our many gifts is our unique perspective, and as recovering addicts, we have our personal stories of healing and self-discovery to share with the world. By focusing our energy on these positive healing tools, we can transform our thinking to lift ourselves up rather than continuing to hold ourselves back. We can create new beliefs, beliefs that we are deserving, worthy and lovable. We can develop new ways of thinking to counter the limiting beliefs that have been convincing us of our powerlessness and unworthiness for so long.

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