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We used to live by an adage to never bring up religion or politics at the dinner tale. Conversing live in the flesh with other human beings was once something cherished and protected. The art of conversation was considered too precious for the volatile and unpredictable passions which can stand behind a political position or a religious belief. People had respect for one another and respect for the sanctity of interacting with loved ones as well as complete strangers. Today, social media platforms provide an entirely different world.

Social media posts have become reliable news sources and expert witness input on all the world’s news. What people say on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram become historic fact, as well as an open battle field for online rage. What people lived in fear of saying for so many years is now being said online. In real life, we are talking to each other less and disagreeing with each other more. Online, we are taking every chance possible to prove ourselves right, start arguments, finish arguments, and make our points as clear as possible while trying to convince others of our perfect lives. Outrage is what comes through our social media platforms and profiles. Online bullying takes place. Decency is left somewhere in the digital code.

“Of course, not everything on our social media feeds is political,” writes Sophia Lee for World Magazine. The author explains that between the curation of someone’s life and their convictions of their personal beliefs there is room for outrage tot are place. “No wonder people call this phenomenon “outrage porn”—“ Lee describes, “it’s addictive, feels good in a perverted sort of way, and incites guilt that leads to more engagement.”

Outrage addiction seems to claim its victims in all the wrong places. Bursting into an uncontrollable rage is not so much a demonstration of one’s positive beliefs but one’s negative qualities. It shows that something had to have happened in their life, some kind of trauma which causes them to act so impulsively. More importantly, it shows little regard for the lives of others which may include trauma as well. We can only hope for a return to civility.

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