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Triggering Work Environments

Many of us struggling with addiction have jobs and work environments that are triggering for us. We might be alcoholics working in restaurants and bars. We might work in law firms where cocaine use can run rampant. We might work in retail or in the hospitality industry where many people smoke weed on their breaks. When our work environment is triggering for us, we can find it especially hard to resist our drug of choice. We might need this job to make ends meet. We might not be able to get another job that pays as well or provides the same benefits. We can feel trapped both by our addictions and by our financial circumstances. We can feel as though our jobs are a huge part of our problem with addiction. When our workplace itself endangers our sobriety, we’re in a uniquely difficult position, and it can help us to look more closely at the situation to help ourselves figure out how to cope with it.

When Our Co-Workers Encourage Us to Use

The challenges we face are sometimes things that the non-addicts in our lives and/or co-workers don’t understand. Sometimes they take these things for granted. They might not realize how hard it is for us to withstand the temptation of our drug of choice when we see someone else using it. They might feel that they themselves can use in moderation and that they don’t struggle with addiction. They might encourage us to have a drink or do a line. They might pass us a joint. They might have no idea that we even struggle with addiction if we haven’t disclosed this fact to them. They’re unknowingly and unintentionally adding to our struggles, and although it’s not their fault, they can be contributing to our work environments being unhealthy and even dangerous places for us to be.

When We Use Our Workplace as Justification For Our Use

When we’re constantly being triggered in this way at work, sometimes we use our work environment as the excuse we need to keep using. We tell ourselves we can’t quit if we’re surrounded by drug use, so we may as well not even try. We tell ourselves we’ll finally quit our drug of choice when we quit our job. We put off taking our recovery seriously. We might consider talking to a supervisor or someone in human resources so that we can possibly get a transfer to work at a different location or setting that’s less problematic, but then we fail to disclose our dilemma, or our addiction, to anyone who might be able to help us.

Our work environments are among the many lifestyle factors we have to take into account when we’re ready to recover. We owe it to ourselves to have a workplace that suits our needs and supports our sobriety rather than jeopardizing it.

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