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Ways That Self-Care Can Relieve TraumaEvery day is a good day for a person to start practicing self-care for themselves. The problem with that statement is many people do not take the time to give care for themselves because they believe they are not worth it. Self-care is not just for someone to maintain physical and mental health, but to show that they are deserving of feeling healthy, peaceful, and essential. Someone with trauma may not know they need more self-care because they have a high tolerance for pain and discomfort without realizing that they are due for some relief.

Self-Care Awareness

Admitting that self-care is needed can be difficult for people from all walks of life. For someone with trauma, they may avoid self-care altogether because they do not want to bring attention to themselves that might lead others to discover what happened to them. Adding self-care into a person’s life can be very personal. They are not obligated to tell anyone what they are doing with their self-care, and if others do notice a difference, a simple “thanks” will suffice as an answer. By knowing that self-care is a form of relief, someone with trauma may be more apt to make the changes to start benefiting from self-care.

Self-Care Healing

Doing things for others before doing things for themselves can be problematic. If a person is continually giving to others as a coping mechanism, they will dismiss their needs as unimportant. Putting themselves first in attempts to counterbalance the trauma can prove to be a beginning in making strides in the relief of trauma. Practicing self-care lets individuals start to heal by committing to moving forward to live for themselves instead of only worrying about everyone else.

Self-Care Esteem

When someone makes the decision to implement self-care into their daily lives, there will be a shift in their confidence. When a person becomes committed to prioritizing self-care, the agony of trauma can start drifting away because they are allowing demonstrations of self-love to prevail. Self-care just feels good and can give a person the ability to alter their perception of themselves and improve their self-esteem. Instead of letting trauma define who they are, they can free themselves from the bondage of trauma by focusing on their recovery through self-care.

Taking the time to exercise, meditate, journal, hang out with friends, or something as simple as getting a haircut, can make someone feel important and valued without their trauma telling them otherwise. Self-care should be a part of a person’s daily life so that they can heal from their trauma and feel good in mind, body, and spirit.

At The Guest House, our treatment motto is “to love them back to health” because we wholeheartedly believe in positivity, support, respect, and kindness as a way of life. We strive to provide a community that is understanding and helpful to give safety to our guests who may feel misunderstood. At The Guest House Ocala, our recovery programs include many experiential modalities, including traditional therapy, conscious connected breathwork, equine therapy, somatic experiencing, art in healing, grief therapy, mindfulness, and other forms of therapy.

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