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Eating disorders tend to be multilayered and can present themselves differently in different people. It is generally accepted that the chance of recovery increases the earlier an eating disorder is discovered. For that reason, being aware of the warning signs for an eating disorder can help you not only recognize potential struggles within yourself, but also for those around you. 

Needing Control

One sign that there may be struggles with food is if you notice that you have a need for controlling your diet. You may find that you refuse to eat certain foods, only can eat at certain times, or adhere to other specific rules about food and eating. This will probably affect other areas of life as well. Working to be flexible and open about needing to strictly control your diet can help you to take this struggle head-on. 

Developing Rituals

Another warning sign to watch out for that may indicate an eating disorder is the development of food rituals. Food rituals are simply rules that you tell yourself to follow. These can be seen as eating food in a certain order, rearranging your plate a certain way, not letting yourself finish the food, and many others. These would be very unique to each person, so it would be important to be honest with yourself as to why you are doing certain things regarding your food. 

Making Comments

If you are concerned about another person and their eating habits, take the time to notice the comments they make about food and about themselves. If you find yourself making comments about your eating, take the time to stop and think about where these comments are coming from. Commenting on weight loss, weight gain, exercising, or food fears are just a few areas that may be cause for concern. Learning to understand your own emotions will help you to better understand why you are making these comments and if they could indicate that you may have an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are very serious. Understanding early warning signs can be key to a successful recovery. Sometimes we may not recognize our own struggles or try to tell ourselves that we are in control of the situation. Take the time to really begin to think about what you are doing and what you are saying to yourself. You may find that you have the need for an abnormal level of control over food or have developed eating rituals. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you work through your struggles and gain a better understanding of what is going on internally. Call us today to learn more about all of our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.