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What To Tell Others About Family in Treatment

Alcohol use can become serious for some people who drink too much or too often. They may become addicted and dependent on it, in spite of any harm it causes. Telling family, friends, and coworkers can be difficult. There are some tips to be calm and cool when sharing some of the details with chosen friends and family that will support and be there for you when you choose to disclose.  

Going to Rehab

Choosing to go to rehab for a drinking problem takes courage. Telling people takes a lot of courage and determination. There may be fears that get in the way, including how to tell the loved ones when you are going to rehab for months. Residential therapy can be helpful for some people. There is also outpatient therapy, which can work for other people. The first group of people to usually find out about rehab is the family. 

Letting Family Know

Sharing details with family can be horrifying. You may feel like you are letting them down by telling them the secret, which they likely already knew. Sometimes they are not aware of the problem, but sometimes they are. Some tips to start telling family members:

  • Start off slowly 
  • Explain how there have been struggles and challenges that led to the issues at play
  • Expect empathy, but also expect some disconnection because they may have hurt feelings
  • There may be anger and resentment about the choice to go to rehab but reiterate this is a choice that will ultimately be for the best
  • Discuss how to share details with any children still living at home and disclose where you are going

Telling parents and loved ones can be difficult. No family situation is perfect and there will be hurt feelings, anger, frustration, and other feelings that can be hard to deal with. Even if they are understanding, it may be hard to reconcile all the feelings going around. 

Telling Friends

When the family is notified, it is likely time to share with friends. Even if you feel like lying, it is best, to be honest. When friends know the truth about the situation, they are most likely to be supportive. As long as they are not in need of rehab themselves. Even as you get ready to tell others at work like a boss and colleagues, there will be difficult situations but it is best to be upfront and honest with them. They will either support or not support and you can choose whether or not to engage with them if they choose not to support your journey. 

The Guest House knows it is hard to tell people you are going to rehab, but you are making a good, healthy decision for yourself and your future. You will ultimately increase your chances of staying in recovery by going to an inpatient or outpatient treatment program you trust. If you are ready to try the treatment, give us a call. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.