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You do enough. You are enough. Enough is enough! This is a sentiment shared and celebrated by therapists the world over. Self-worth is how you define it. You are in control of making yourself feel worthy of living without your own criticism. Living in that belief is easier said than done.

Where Does Self-Criticism Come From?

Criticism is not in our DNA. We are not born with the genetics to develop self-criticism when we start developing thoughts, learning language, and gaining the skills of communication. Criticism is something we are given by others. Nothing in our self image tells us not to like ourselves because we are not born with an understanding of comparison. Slowly, in our infancy, we start to gain preferences and realize small things of opposition, like, bananas taste really sweet and brussel sprouts do not. However, we don’t learn something like preferring bananas makes us a certain kind of person who is not good enough. If we only liked brussel sprouts as well, we would just be better. None of that exists until it is give to us by someone else.

Why Do We Get Criticized?

Self-criticism comes from the criticism of others, directly and indirectly. Criticism is a chain event, like a complex labyrinth of carefully laid dominoes, knocking each other down. Starting from someone, somewhere, a criticism was given that created self-consciousness and insecurity. Then another criticism given by that recipient to someone else; so on and so forth. We get criticized because others have been criticized. Others never learn that their pain does not have to be inflicted onto others. Instead, because they have been criticized by someone, they think it is okay to criticize someone else.

How Do We Experience Criticism?

Criticism isn’t always outright. At times, criticism may be interpreted instead of being a real experience. We experience criticism when we take on a truth about ourselves from someone else. Generally, that truth is that due to something about us, we are not good enough. That small belief can grow like a virus, developing into self-criticism.

You Can Change The Story

Everyone has a story when they come to The Guest House Ocala. Self-criticism is often part of the story of trauma. You can change the story of your life by choosing to spend time in residential treatment, designed specifically for the healing of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800