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Why Do We Do Things That We Know Are Bad For Us?

Many of us struggling with addiction have a tendency to do things that we know are unhealthy for us. We are painfully familiar with this constant inclination to go against our better judgment and continue with patterns that are toxic and harmful, both for us and for the people in our lives. We want to stop ourselves but feel unable to. We continue to use our drugs of choice even when we know they’re killing us. We stay in abusive relationships even though we know we’re putting our emotional and physical health in danger. We self-harm in all kinds of ways. We maintain habits that we know aren’t good for us, and they can feel compulsive and out of our control. Some of us struggle with neuroses and anxiety disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and we can feel like we’re being driven instinctively to hurt ourselves, as though we’re being controlled by an invisible force stronger than we are. Why do we continue to do things that we know aren’t good for us?

Subconscious Self-Destructiveness

Our subconscious mind governs the vast majority of our lives, including the behaviors we engage in and the choices we make. When we’re stuck in self-harming patterns of behaviors and decision-making, it is often because we are subconsciously self-destructive. We struggle with intense feelings of self-hate. We believe we don’t deserve happiness. We’re constantly fighting against ourselves and sabotaging our wellness. Let’s take a closer look at our life patterns, including our behaviors and choices. Have we been making healthy choices for ourselves? Have we been doing things that we know deep down are unhealthy or dangerous? Have we been operating from a place of self-love and self-protection? Have our instincts for self-preservation been corrupted by our internal feelings of self-rejection? Do our addictions and mental health issues thrive on our subconscious instincts to hurt ourselves?

Reprogramming Our Subconscious Minds

Asking ourselves these questions can help us to determine the nature of our subconscious programming and to discover if we’re operating with an energy of subconscious self-destructiveness. From there we can work to reprogram our subconscious minds to be self-loving and self-nurturing, using tools like repeating affirmations, practicing meditation and journaling. We can create a healthier internal environment that is supportive of our healing, that helps us leave behind the compulsive, self-destructive patterns we’ve been living with for so long.

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