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Sometimes in recovery, we feel enthusiastic about our sobriety. We look forward to all the promising developments in store for us. We’re excited about all the changes we’re making. We feel energized and motivated. Sometimes, though, we can become complacent in our recovery. We lose steam. We feel burned out. We lose inspiration and passion. We might have relapsed and felt firsthand how disappointing it is to default on the goals and intentions we’ve set for ourselves. When we get to this place, we don’t see any point in getting sober if we’re only going to fall off the wagon again. We’ve lost faith in ourselves, and we’ve lost hope in our recovery. Here are some of the reasons why we can become complacent in our recovery.

Needing A Break

Our complacence can come from sheer exhaustion. We’re tired of all the challenging inner work, the sacrifices we’ve had to make, and the changes we’ve implemented. We feel like we need a break. Unfortunately, taking a break from recovery for many of us means relaxing our strict rules around sobriety, which for many of us means relapsing. We want to find healthy ways of giving ourselves a break when we need one without using our drug of choice. We want to maintain our motivation and discipline, even when we’re tired. We can do this by giving ourselves a mental and emotional break from all the work. By celebrating how far we’ve come and let ourselves slow down on the intensity of the work for a while. This doesn’t mean using our drug of choice, it simply means giving ourselves some time and space to think about other things, to get back to our creative pursuits, to enjoy other things, and to be well-rounded and invested in other projects besides our recovery work.

Peer Pressure

Another reason we get complacent in our recovery is because we have surrounded ourselves with people who don’t necessarily prioritize sobriety as much as we do. They might convince us to take a break from our strictness, and to celebrate our progress by using our drugs of choice. While this is, of course, counterproductive, we sometimes still feel a dependence on our drug of choice that can cloud our judgment and derail our progress. Our complacency can sometimes come from the lax attitudes of the people around us.

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