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Why You Cannot Ignore Trauma

People going through trauma can either face it head on or pretend that it does not exist. The trouble is that ignoring your trauma is not going to make the nightmares go away. It is important to stop ignoring your trauma symptoms in order to stop it from interfering with your life.

Trauma Affects Your Relationship with Others

Ignoring a traumatic experience that you have gone through can make it hard to form close bonds. When someone has betrayed our trust before, it makes it hard to let others in. For example, if you were in an abusive relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you may not trust anyone who says they will never hurt you.

If you keep avoiding your feelings, you may continue to place a guard up that stops you from forming new friendships. These people that you continue to push away could be the ones who ultimately lift you up and bring you out of your state of panic.

Trauma Passes On

When trauma is not treated, there are certain traits that get passed onto their children. For example, a study by James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center proved that Holocaust survivors who endured concentration camps and prolonged moments of starvation passed on a deficient amount of cortisol to their children and affected their health for the worst. It may be difficult to confront your trauma, but it is important for you to try, as your children can be badly affected by how they deal with trauma.

Only You Can Control Trauma

No one asks for a traumatic experience to befall us. It is natural for circumstances to change who we are as people and the choices we make. We know that we have to do something about this if it is affecting every aspect of our lives. By not doing anything about your trauma, you are giving it the power to kill everything you once loved. Life is more than just living in fear and avoiding triggers.

You should be able to enjoy the time you have with your friends, family, and life in general. By going into treatment by speaking to a therapist or a loved one, you can take back control of your trauma and live a happy life. Acknowledging your trauma means you have a say in your own decisions.

At The Guest House, we can help you manage your trauma and take back control of your life. Our skilled and experienced staff provides customized care for addiction and mental illness caused by trauma. Some of the treatment options available include breath work, individualized and group therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, grief therapy, and cinema therapy mindfulness. Please call us today at (855) 876-3884 to get the help you need.