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You Will Walk Through The Pain

We often don’t realize the comfortable amount of pain we live in when it comes to our trauma. However we have manifested our suffering as a result of our trauma, we find ourselves getting used to living that way- even if we are in a practically unbearable amount of pain. Though our trauma is causing us pain, we live in fear of the extra pain we might have to endure were we to confront our trauma. Going to therapy or treatment intimidates us because of all the talking, processing, and feeling we would have to do. We know that we are living in pain already. We know that we don’t have to live this way. Yet, we choose to live in suffering, doing our very best to survive, without rocking the boat more than its already been rocked.

What we may not realize is that on the other side of pain suffering, down at the end of that exponentially growing long tunnel, is relief. Stepping up to trauma and walking through trauma is healing trauma. The irony is never lost, which makes recovery work one of the greatest mysteries of our existence, nearly spiritual in nature. To be free from pain, we have to feel our pain. Avoiding our pain only causes us more pain. We are able to walk into our pain, process our pain, and feel our pain without being reduced to ash. Being reduced to ash is not always the worst thing- after all, it is from its own ash that the phoenix rises.

Fears are overcome by facing them. We gain esteem in our ability to conquer our fears by conquering them. Living in fear of our trauma means living conquered by our trauma. Going to treatment for trauma will never eradicate trauma entirely, nor all of its effects. Going to treatment for trauma will liberate you from the pain and suffering trauma causes you on a daily basis.

Trauma shows us some of the worst of life, the most unimaginable pain which exceeds the most nightmarish of our expectations. Living in trauma recovery means you can live in the awesomeness of life, not just the pain. Walking through the pain means expanding your palate from blacks and whites to more than a grayscale. The freedom found through trauma recovery opens your world to bright, vivid, living colors in every shade, hue, and tone.

You don’t have to live in the pain caused by your trauma. To live without it, you do have to walk through it. You never have to walk through it alone.

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