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What Is Living With Depression Like?

More than 350 million people around the world live with depression, according to WHO, the World Health Organization. Depression is a globally leading cause of disability, and a well known contributor to disease, disorder, and more. Though depression is an independent mental illness, it can be experienced in conjunction with other illnesses or as partRead More

What Damaging Myths Are There About Ptsd?

More information on PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, is available than ever before. Still, millions of people are living in a myth shrouded darkness regarding the complex mental illness. PTSD is only experienced by people who witness gruesome violence: When PTSD was finding its early foundation of understanding, it was through combat war veterans whoRead More

Why Are Eating Disorders More Common For Lgbtq+ People?

Certain disordered eating and eating disorder behaviors are more common among teens who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. As early as age 12, these teens are at higher risk for binge-eating and purging. Males who identify as gay “are seven times more likely to report bingeing andRead More

Pride Month: When Coming Out Is Trauma

“The thing is, in many cases, mental illness and being queer go hand in hand,” writes Alexander Leon for The Guardian, “It’s an uncomfortable but important reality that LGBT youth are four times more likely to kill themselves than their heterosexual counterparts.” Leon cites that “more than half of individuals who identify as transgender experienceRead More

Remembering Pulse And The Effects of Ptsd

This blog will discuss the events related to the Pulse nightclub shootings. If you have been affected by this event and feel that the information will be triggering to you, reading might not be best for your health. For support, reach out to a trusted loved one. On June 12 of 2016, the history ofRead More

Why Do We Fight To Control Our Feelings?

There is one repeated pattern among people in recovery from trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues which stands out as most peculiar. Despite the tremendous pain we’ve been through, the effort we’ve put forth in our recovery, and the emphasis we’ve been given about how important it is to feel our feelings, we stillRead More

Is High-functioning Ptsd Real?

If you have a sofa with only three legs and two cushions, would you consider it high-functioning? It sits up straight, for the most part, and even though you’re sitting without cushions while at an angle, life sitting on this sofa isn’t too bad. At the very least, you have a sofa. At the veryRead More

Logic: From Surviving To Success And Shattering Stigma

You’ll often hear the rapper Logic refer to the issues of anxiety, suicide, and mental health as “taboo”. Frequently, he annotates his interviews with mention of how mainstream media and society at large seeks to shy away from these important, life-changing, potentially life-saving topics of conversation. In 2017, the name Logic became nationwide after theRead More