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Helping a Loved One Overcome Trauma

If someone in your family, a romantic partner, or a close friend is struggling with substance abuse or a mental health issue, it may be that the root cause is unresolved trauma. Due to this, family members or close friends may suggest that their loved one seek treatment. But how do you help someone findRead More

Does Being a Military Spouse Affect My Well-Being?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The focus on people’s mental well-being provides a welcome chance to learn about the symptoms and effects of mental health. In addition, the opportunity to discover how genetics and the environment can play a role in an individual’s psychological and physical health is crucial. May is also a timeRead More

Why Should I Celebrate National Silence the Shame Day?

People carry shame with them. Whether the shame is rooted in behaviors or illness, the urge to stay silent is normal. However, suppressing feelings, including shame, isn’t healthy. National Silence the Shame Day, on May 5, is the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation about mental health or substance use disorder (SUD). Stigma With SubstanceRead More

Physical and Psychological Side Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis, also called marijuana, pot, weed, and many other names is a common substance that is widely used. Cannabis is legal in many states for medicinal and recreational purposes, but there are many potential downsides that one may not be aware of. Many people consider cannabis a safe, non-addictive drug, yet some people do developRead More

Which Level of Treatment Is Right for Me?

Substance addiction is more than dependence on a chemical. People who know someone or have a substance use disorder (SUD) themselves understand the complexities of alcohol or drug addiction. When a person decides to start a treatment program, a counselor conducts an assessment to determine what level of care is needed. What if I Don’tRead More

A Day in the Life

If you have admitted that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and are thinking of entering a treatment program, you may be wondering what your days will look like while in treatment. Once you have selected a treatment program and been admitted, you will undergo an intake process. During this process, your medicalRead More

Navigating Relapse During Recovery

Navigating relapse during recovery is not as straightforward as one might think. We know that the road of recovery requires dedication and motivation; however, when we are new to recovery, we may not know what to expect or what the ideal recovery journey may look like. Likewise, we may even be a little apprehensive aboutRead More

What Does Meth Addiction Look Like?

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a destructive force in a person’s life. Alcohol or drug addiction increases the risk of harmful behaviors and damages relationships. However, the face of addiction isn’t limited to one specific type of person or substance. Individual substances affect a person’s mind, body, and spirit differently. For example, methamphetamine, also knownRead More

Staying Emotionally Connected

Substance abuse can take a toll on your emotions, which means learning to live without the influence of substances can throw your emotions off too. You deserve to live free and more emotionally connected with yourself and those around you. Sometimes, after leaving treatment, the fluctuations of emotional connection can be disruptive to your sobriety.Read More

Is Role-Play Therapy Right for Me?

People use role-play to help them prepare for interviews, speeches, or meaningful conversations. Practicing what they’re going to say or identifying potential obstacles is how role-play can help. Role-play can also help you in your recovery. What Is Role-Play? Role-playing, also known as psychodrama, with two or more people helps transition you from a placeRead More