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Taking that step to reach out for help is enormous. It can feel overwhelming to think about opening up to a stranger; however, getting therapy to help you work through your struggles is a brave thing to do. The therapeutic relationship is extremely important, and being able to work with your therapist is necessary so that they can help you. Here are four different points to keep in mind as you begin your therapeutic process. 


  1. Be Honest


Your therapist cannot help you if you are not honest with them. They need to know how you are actually feeling and what you are thinking about. Help them help you by explaining your struggles. 


  1. Do Your Homework


If your therapist asks you to do some homework, there is a good reason. Try to do whatever they asked you to do, then tell them about the experience at your next session. 


  1. Keep an Open Mind


Keeping an open mind throughout your sessions is very important. Your therapist will probably challenge your thinking, help you step outside of your comfort zone, and teach you new skills and tools to help you face your struggles. Many of these things may be different than what you have previously thought or done, and that is perfectly okay. Try to keep an open mind and experience new thinking and actions. 


  1. Ask Questions


Mental health and addiction can be complex and confusing. Our struggles are often made up of many different factors, all tangled together. Your therapist may explain theories, treatment plans, or goals that can be confusing. Try not to be afraid to speak up if you don’t understand something. By asking questions and speaking up, you are helping your therapist to support you better. They cannot know you don’t understand if you don’t say anything. 


The therapeutic relationship is of great importance. For therapy to be successful, the client must feel connected to and safe with the therapist. Remember to keep an open mind and always ask questions. Therapy can help us to step outside of our comfort zone and challenge our way of thinking. Help your therapist help you better by participating, doing your homework, and having an open and honest dialogue. Here at The Guest House, we are a group of professionals with extensive experience helping people work through their challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our different treatment options.