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When we face difficult times, we can find it extremely challenging to maintain a positive attitude. The easier response is often anger. Often our emotions become incredibly tangled together, and it can be challenging to understand what you are feeling and experiencing. If you find yourself struggling, know you are not alone. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you work to be more positive in difficult situations. 


Pay Attention to the Small Comforts Around You


There are always positives around you, and often they are small and easily overlooked. Be mindful of your surroundings and the people close to you. Try to find comfort in the small moments. Challenging situations can be made much easier when we can find some comfort to grab onto.  


Smile as Often as You Can


A smile can have a significant impact on your happiness and mental health. Smile at the small things in life. Smile when you see nice things, do nice things, or even meet people. 


Pay Attention to Your Senses


If you are facing difficult times, try to take a moment and acknowledge what you are feeling. Where are your feelings coming from? Who is involved? When we can acknowledge our feelings and emotions, we can better understand and work through them. Finding the positive within your feelings can be difficult, especially if you already struggle with your mental health. Take a moment and breathe through your struggles and acknowledge your senses. 


Do the Things That Bring You Joy


Difficult situations can consume us. While it may be hard, there can be tremendous benefits to doing things that bring you joy. When we do things we enjoy, it is far easier to find positivity. 


Being positive during difficult situations is hard. Mental health issues, addiction, and trauma all impact how we respond and react to situations. Try to pause and acknowledge your feelings. Utilize all of your senses and mindfully take in the small details. If you are struggling to find the positive in your life, reach out for support. You are not alone. Here at The Guest House, we have helped many people better understand their mental health issues and gain the skills needed to accomplish their goals. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our treatment options and how we can support you on your journey.