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At times, we all exhibit behaviors that are unhelpful and unproductive. However, these behaviors can stifle growth, impact relationships, and affect our mental health. Learning to acknowledge which of our behaviors are unproductive versus productive is powerful for our personal growth. The following five tips can help combat those behaviors which do not benefit your growth and goals. 


  1. Roleplay the Behaviors You Want


Role-playing is a great tool. It can help us to learn behaviors in a safe and controlled environment. You can roleplay with friends, family members, or a mental health professional and begin to teach yourself the responses and behaviors you would like to exhibit. 


  1. Create a Reward System


Rewards can be powerful. We, as humans, tend to respond well to rewards. Make some deals with yourself. Tell yourself that if you do or do not do something specific, you can do an activity that you have wanted to do or go to that restaurant you have been craving. 


  1. Hold Yourself Accountable


Holding yourself accountable is essential. Create goals and then take steps to achieve those goals. You will thank yourself later when you have reached the goals you have been working toward. 


  1. Utilize Your Support Group


Your support group can help you acknowledge unhelpful behaviors and responses. Sometimes you will find that it is easier for someone else to pinpoint your unhelpful behaviors. Behaviors can be very automatic, and at times you probably will not even notice when you display an unhelpful one. Lean on your support group; they want to help you. 


  1. Analyze Sources


When we can understand our behaviors, it gives us the power to change and work through them. Many times specific triggers can bring out certain behaviors. Learn your triggers. You can then work on changing your responses and reactions to those triggers. 


Changing unhelpful behaviors is difficult. Our responses can be automatic, and we give little thought before we respond in many situations. Lean on your support system and create goals to get you where you want to be. Being able to identify when a behavior is unhelpful is powerful. At The Guest House, we work hard with individuals like you to help them gain the skills and tools necessary to face challenges and overcome barriers. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options and how we can support you on your journey at (855) 483-7800.