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Recovery is a very difficult, very personal journey that will have different effects for each person. Loved ones and supports may want to do everything they can in order to help a person make essential changes in their journey through recovery. Whether it is overcoming anxieties and depression as a result of trauma, or the cessation of one’s use of drugs or alcohol, a person’s support system plays an integral role in creating an atmosphere around success and healing. However, for those who are part of that critical group, it is still important to balance the desire to support your loved ones through recovery and maintaining a healthy respect for them and their own personal space. 

Balancing support and respect takes a conversation. It is important to set ground rules if the groups are going to be living together, and have these rules and their reasonings for being in place clearly stated. Supports may want to ensure that a certain environment is safe and conducive to recovery, but they may also have to respect that there are spaces that those in recovery need to themselves in order to create their own atmosphere and exercise their newfound agency. 

Keeping these boundaries clearly in place avoids a scenario where “support” becomes control. It can be very difficult to find one’s own agency in recovery if supports are making your decisions for you. While this may be necessary during certain trying times, or if someone may be at a risk for relapse, it cannot be the norm in which the recovery atmosphere operates. A crucial part of the recovery process is respecting those in recovery as the people and loved ones they have always been. It is equally important to simply provide a sense of safety and consistency and be an active support when times get difficult. 

Balancing support and respect can be a fine line for those helping their loved ones through recovery. However, it is a necessary balance that allows a person to have the feeling of a safety net as they explore their new identities while also having the agency to take their lives into their own hands. Support is necessary, but so is allowing each person to make their own decisions and create their own best future. 

Balancing your support and respect for a loved one in recovery can be a very trying time, but The Guest House can help you learn to grow and overcome many issues as a unified front. If you or a loved one are suffering from the effects of your traumatic experiences or addiction, we can create a plan that takes your unique story and addresses your recovery in a personalized way. With individual and group therapy available, as well as holistic, somatic approaches such as adventure therapy, we can personalize your time with us to find an effective approach to your unique needs and goals. For more information on how we can customize your approach to a healthier future, or to talk to a caring, trained professional about the various options available to you, call us today at (855) 483-7800.