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Breaking Down SerenityAt the end of most meetings, or sometimes in daily life, we say the Serenity Prayer. It is a quick and efficient call to our Higher Power that we sometimes forget to relish in. After repeating it so many times in our recovery, at our 12-Step meetings, and on personal occasions, the words of the prayer can just become a habit and not a lifestyle. It’s important to consider the three sentences included in the Serenity Prayer and think about how prevalent and pertinent they are in our lives. 



Grant me the Serenity to…

Accept the Things I Cannot Change

The first sentence of the prayer and the action it requests can be the most difficult to achieve. We need to remember in our recovery that we are not in control, we allow our Higher Power to take the reins. Many years of habit have made us partial to self-will, completely out of instinct. As different situations arise in our lives, there will inevitably be things we cannot change or control. The Serenity Prayer reminds us to face these challenges with acceptance. No amount of self-will or planning can alter certain things, and that is something we will overcome by acknowledging just that. Work on understanding and finding peace in the fact that there are some things you cannot change. It is the first action toward relief. 


The Courage to Change the Things I Can

Continuing the prayer, we address the challenges in our lives that we can make a difference in. This is not always easy to accomplish. For example, beginning recovery was intimidating and possibly daunting. We ask for the courage to make the changes where we can. Our Higher Power supports us in these endeavors. There are obstacles we may need to face, and if we are able to create a more positive outcome through our actions, we may need to find strength. In the second sentence of the Serenity Prayer, we request that we can access this strength in times of need. Change isn’t impossible, but sometimes it can cause us fear. A new job, mending a relationship or beginning a new one, or even just working through life one day at a time can require courage as we make changes. 


And the Wisdom to Know the Difference

In terms of the lifestyle and habits we have become accustomed to, sometimes we are adamant in our beliefs that we can make changes or take control, even when we truly cannot. The final component to the Serenity Prayer asks our Higher Power to grant us the ability to differentiate between the things that we can act upon and the things we merely need to accept. It can be very hard to distinguish when we should react, and when to let rest and let things be. When we are confused or frustrated and don’t know if we should take action, this part of the prayer is how we can ask our Higher Power to support us in finding the solution. 


The next time you are at a meeting or alone and recite the Serenity Prayer, reflect a bit more on how it applies to your current situation. Maybe there is something you’ve been fighting that you can retreat from and relax. Perhaps there is something you’ve been wanting to change but just need the courage. Finally, maybe there is a situation in which you are truly unsure of what to do next. Use this prayer to ask your Higher Power to guide you in all of these circumstances. You will be amazed with the outcome. 


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