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Can Techniques, Like Yoga and Meditation, Help Those Dealing With Emotional Distress?

Meditation and yoga practices, like other mindfulness approaches, can be used in trauma therapy to help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or from another related trauma diagnosis. Both meditation and yoga use a holistic approach, which is an approach that integrates the mind with the body. Also called, whole-self wellness, holistic interventions are among some of the most effective treatment approaches to therapy. While meditation and yoga have many similarities, they also differ from each other in some ways.


Meditation is a mental exercise that trains our awareness of the present moment. Training our awareness helps us to focus our attention and can keep our thoughts from wandering toward negative emotional triggers. Mindfulness meditation is a technique where you are encouraged to focus your attention on one point of reference.

Typically, the point of reference is to focus on your breath; however, other bodily sensations can be utilized as well. As you train your mind to focus, you are learning how to focus your attention and keep your negative thoughts in check!


Yoga similarly implores us to practice focusing our attention on our breath while adding components of static physical exercise. When practicing yoga, the purpose is to engage fully in the moment and focus on the feeling of each stretch and pose.

Yoga helps to train the mind to focus on new poses while feeling the sensations of each stretch. While similar to meditation, yoga is for those looking for a more challenging physical activity to strengthen the mind-body connection.

Both practices of yoga and meditation can help alleviate the psychological symptoms associated with traumatic experiences. Many individuals suffering from depression and anxiety associated with traumatic events find the practices beneficial in addition to traditional treatment methods. Consider using these practices to add holistic approaches to your mental health and wellness routines!

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to treat your mental health and improve your overall wellness? Meditation and yoga have been used for centuries around the world to clear the mind and to reduce stress for those practicing. At The Guest House, we offer courses to teach you how to utilize these ancient techniques in your therapy program. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information on our approaches to treating trauma and mental health issues!