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Sugar has been equated to a drug. Varying brain imaging studies have determined that sugar, the fine white substance, is not much different from another fine white substance- cocaine. Both are stimulants, can be addicting, have an effect on the brain, and can be devastating to the body in high quantities. Equating sugar to cocaine seems like a dramatic comparison. However, the harsh effect of sugar on the mind and the body should be as prevalent a concern as a drug like cocaine. Hidden in most processed foods in large amounts, sugar is a pervasive part of the traditional American diet. Sugar causes spikes in blood sugar, dopamine production, and inflammation. Inflammation is a cause of most major diseases, starting with inflammation in the gut, the microbiome, and spreading throughout the body. Most people find that when they remove sugar from their diet they feel tremendously better, especially if they struggle with something like anxiety. Like cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol, there can be symptoms of withdrawal from sugar, including cravings.

Sugar changes the way brain chemicals operate. In addition to creating a production of dopamine, which is in part why sugar tastes so good and makes us so happy as well as why we crash, sugar also produces serotonin. Serotonin is another neurotransmitter, like dopamine, but one that regulates mood. Mood disorders like anxiety and depression are the result of imbalanced serotonin. Previous research has understood that low levels of serotonin are responsible for creating moods like anxiety and depression. New research, according to MindBodyGreen has found that high levels of serotonin create anxiety and few substances elevate serotonin levels like sugar does. People who struggle with anxiety and have a high sugar diet might find themselves more irritable and anxious. For those who turn to sugar in order to cope with episodes of anxiety, their coping behavior is self-defeating. Though the spike in blood sugar and dopamine may temporarily bring a moment of relief, the imbalance in serotonin will make recovering from a moment of anxiety significantly more difficult.

Learning to live a balanced lifestyle for health of the mind, the body, and the spirit, is critical for living in recovery from anxiety. Anxiety is often a symptom of untreated trauma and can be co-occurring with many addictions. If you are struggling with anxiety and related issues, look to The Guest House Ocala for private residential treatment designed to meet your every unique need.

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