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Recovery from trauma is not a promise that you will never experience trauma again or that you will never be triggered. What treatment for trauma can provide you is the guarantee that you will have the tools needed to cope with trauma and triggers when they arise. You can, and you will, heal.

Become aware of your physical sensations

Trauma is a disorder of the mind. Trauma can also be seen as a disorder of the nervous system. When we experience trauma, we experience a profound injury to the operation of our nervous system. Specifically, our sympathetic nervous system, which regulates our fight or flight responses, becomes hyperactive and our parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us remain calm, becomes hypoactive. Our triggers are the small cues of input information from our external environment which cause chaos for our trauma-affected internal environment. We may experience hyperventilation, shaking, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and a number of other symptoms when we are triggered by trauma. These physical symptoms send messages of panic to our brain, which continues the cycle of physical panic. Simply becoming aware of our physical sensations can help to slow the cycle down. Our awareness helps us become mindful, realizing that we are experiencing these symptoms because we are triggered. We can halt these symptoms with certain practices.

Take deep breaths

Deep breathing is a direct line of interference to an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Focusing on deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping the body and brain to relax. As you take a few deep breaths, repeat a few trauma recovery focused mantras. I am okay. I am safe. I am triggered. I know how to take care of myself. Being triggered by trauma can feel like all recovery is forgotten in a single second. Physical and mental symptoms of trauma are equally as triggering as whatever caused them. Within a nanosecond, we can feel as if we are back to where we were when our trauma would occur and we did not know how to cope. Treatment and recovery gives us the skills we need to bring ourselves back down to earth from soaring anxiety.

Get grounded as quickly as possible

Everyone experiences grounding differently. Being alone and taking deep breaths may work best for you. You may find benefit from taking off your shoes and feeling the earth beneath your feet. Calling someone you trust, who can help you discern trauma-reality from actual reality, can help you feel grounded as well. Step outside, get fresh air, and phone a trusted member of your support network. Listen to them, as best you can, take deep breaths, and work on releasing the stress in your body.

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